Here's whats new for 2016:

  • New dunes --1.9 million Cu Yds of pristine sand from the bottom of the Delaware Bay shaped into a exquisite, beautiful clean 300' beach 

  • New carpet throughout

  • New living room furniture

  • New drapes

  • New screen doors

  • Fresh paint

  • Fresh deck stain


While you're enjoying this lovely home, you can stroll the peaceful, clean Broadkill beaches for miles or soak up sun as your children play in the shallow water. When you've had enough sun, you can nap to the hypnotic lull of waves. With its wraparound decks, you can take your coffee on the east deck tower with a view for miles, sun and grill on the south deck, and sip cocktails on the west deck watching the sun set. At night, you'll want to watch the romantic moonrise over the Delaware Bay. With vacant lots and dense trees on both sides of the house, your privacy is complete in this recently renovated gem.

There's never enough time to enjoy the beach, so be sure you reserve the house for summer!

Nature Lovers

For nature lovers, bird watching in the nearby Prime Hook Federal Wildlife Preserve and walking on its boardwalks elevated above pristine wetlands are a favorite activity. Fishing fanatics can surf fish on the Delaware Bay, 50 yards from the house or walk to the Plum Island Sate Park at the south end of Bayshore Drive where they can fish the freshwater Broadkill River and surf fish the Delaware Bay separated by only 50 yards of beach. You can obtain your short-term fishing license on-line before you go.

Cape Henlopen, where the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay meet was declared a public park by William Penn in 1682. It offers 5.8 miles of hiking trails through natural dunes and a 3.5 mile bike trail. A fishing pier juts out 1/2 a mile into the bay and provides a picturesque view of the historic Henlopen Lighthouse.

Out and About

When you're ready to go out, visit the Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, for a free tour and sample of its award winning craft beers. Take a walk through historic Lewes with its souvenir cannonball lodged in the foundation of the Historical Society House, courtesy of the British Fleet of 1812. Deep sea charters and half day head boats are available at Lewes Marina. Take the ferry from Lewes to Cape May as a pedestrian or and catch the shuttle to Cape May or bus to Atlantic City. Or drive your car onboard and take a drive up the New Jersey shore and a shortcut home to point north.



Golfers will love the championship Rookery course, a water laden, golfer friendly challenge designed by 2004 Senior British Open winner, Pete Oakley, features four sets of tees for golfers of all ages and a grass driving range.



Shoppers can shop until they drop TAX FREE at the Tanger outlets.


For Children

Along Route 1, you'll find water parks for children, movie theatres, Starbucks, the famous Five Guys Burger, miniature golf, the Tanger Outlets and stores of every description.

A few miles further south, you'll find Rehoboth Beach and its famous boardwalk where you watch your children giggle with delight at the Fun Land Amusement Park. For dining, you can choose from world class restaurants or just munch boardwalk fries, Grotto Pizza and Candy Kitchen Fudge.



Fire Safety

A FIRE EXTINGUISHER is located in the upper cabinet immediately adjacent to the entrance door in the foyer. DO NOT HESITATE to use it if you see a fire in or around the house. Call the Milton Fire Department at 9-1-1 if you have a fire emergency.


Child Safety

For your children's safety, we have provided child proofing devices in the kitchen cabinet drawer, including

  • Outlet covers
  • Cabinet locks
  • Drawer locks

All of these devices are in a drawer in the kitchen.

Additionally, there are safety gates at the top and bottom of the inside stairs. Lastly, there are flotation devices for small children, located in the tall cabinet in the foyer.


First Aid

Band-Aids, hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol may be found in the upper cabinet to the right of the kitchen sink.>


Medical Emergencies

Call 9-1-1 or visit the Emergency Room of Beebe Hospital; 424 Savannah Road; Lewes, DE 19958.


Plastic Glasses and Plates

If you want to enjoy beverages at the beach, we have provided dozens of unbreakable plastic glasses.


About the House


Septic System

The house is on a septic system that is routinely maintained. Please DO NOT flush paper towels or any sanitary products because they may clog the system, causing unpleasant back-ups.


Electronics and Appliances

There is a separate binder with copies of electronics and appliance owner's manuals



The wireless account is '2024sbayshore'. The password is 'oceanfront'.


TV and Stereo

The silver Comcast remotes control the TV and the cable box in each room. These remotes are coded for the TV in the room where you will find each remote. If you try to use the Comcast remote for a TV in another room, it may not control the TV. There is a home theatre DVD system in the living room. Use the remote with the 'PHILLIPS' name to control it. If you put a DVD into the deck, it will automatically connect the sound and video signals. The Phillips deck can also used as an FM receiver by pushing the button marked 'RADIO' on the remote. Additionally, your can direct the TV sound to play through the Phillips system by pushing the 'TV' button. Lastly, there is an 'I-POD' docking station to the right of the Phillips deck. Place your I-POD in it and push the 'DOCK' button on the remote. Pay per view programming has been blocked.



The washer is a high-efficiency model that requires HE detergent. We provided some Tide HE, or you may use another HE brand. Do not use regular detergent as it will create too many suds and your clothes may not rinse clean.

To put detergent into the washer, locate the small drawer on the top left of the machine. Pull it towards you while sliding the release tab to the right. Pour in your detergent and slide the drawer closed. The machine will automatically inject the detergent into the wash load.



Baking pans are in the stove drawer. Pots and pans are in the corner cabinet to the left of the stove. Other kitchen hardware is in the large drawers.



The phone is for local use only. Voice mail is not accessible.


Garbage and Recycling

Please place your garbage into the green receptacle by the street. Garbage is picked up early Wednesday mornings.

Recycling is picked up every other week. Delaware recycling is 'single stream', meaning glass, plastic and paper may be co-mingled. Please place your recycling materials in the blue bin at the street. If it is full, please place your recycling in a clear plastic bag (found under the kitchen sink) and place the bag in one of the black bins by the street labeled RECYCLING.


Gas Grill

Open the grill cover before lighting. The grill is ignited by pushing in on the dial to the far right and slowly turning it counter-clockwise to the 9:00 position. You will hear a click, which is the igniter spark, and the grill should light. If not, wait until the gas has cleared out and try again. If the igniter doesn't work, use the lighter stick stored above the refrigerator.


Cooling and heating

Solar Heating EffectThere are air conditioners in each room. Use them as needed to cool off the house.

In the morning, the sun can heat up the living room. Closing the sliding window drapes for a few hours will help reduce this solar heating effect. Upstairs, the roof windows have shades that can be pulled shut to keep solar heat from accumulating.

Ceiling Fans Ceiling fans will also help cool off the house. The ceiling fan and light in the first floor bedroom is controlled by a remote that is attached with VELCRO to the bedpost. Make sure the wall switch is on (up position). The wall shell sconce lamp is controlled by a touch dimmer. Each time you touch the brass chain, the light will get brighter or turn off.

Heat If you need heat, there are baseboard heaters in the upper bedrooms. Use the thermostats on the walls by the beds to turn them on. There is another baseboard heater in the lower bath. Its thermostat is directly above it. For the lower floor bedrooms, there are portable baseboard heaters in the closet in the room with the futon. Place them in the rooms you want to warm.

Use only one portable heater per room or the electrical circuit will overload and shut off. If this happens, unplug the heater, move it and plug it to another outlet. The circuit breaker can be reset by opening the electrical panel in the foyer. It is located behind the upper cabinet door immediately to the right as you enter the house. Circuit breakers that are off will flip away from the center of the panel. Just flip them back toward the center.



The futon can be laid flat by first sliding the mattress off. Once the mattress is off, lift and slide the back down. Guide the pins from the back frame through the groves in the seat frame. Then replace the mattress.


There are extra blankets in the drawer beneath the stairs and in the upper west (road side) bedroom closet. Additionally, there are blankets in some of the dresser drawers.


The Jacuzzi has two switches. One is a button on the deck of the tub. The other is on the bathroom wall to the right of the mirror.



Flies and mosquitoes are part of beach life. If you are opening and closing doors frequently, especially at night, mosquitoes may enter the house and gather in the ceiling corners. It's futile to swat them as they will scatter and any you strike will leave stains on the white walls. There is a small Shop-Vac in the closet of the futon room. Use it to vacuum them from the ceiling. This avoids stains and gets all of the mosquitoes at once.

'No-see-ums' are a type of biting gnat that is small enough to get through the mesh in the screens. You can reduce their numbers by spraying the screens with an insecticide. Spray from the inside of the house toward the outside. Spraying insecticide around the deck lamps will reduce the bug population near the doors. We provided some insecticide under the sink.

While you are on the deck at night, Citronella products will help keep bugs away.


The Beach


Beach Chairs

We provided beach chairs for your enjoyment. If you take them or any other equipment to the water, please bring them back to the house at the end of the day. The beach is public property and anything left there overnight may disappear by the next day.


Beach Toys

There are tubs of toys that your children are welcome to play with.


Child Flotation Devices

There are flotation devices for small children, located in the tall white cabinet in the foyer.


Dunes and Dune Grass

Please use the marked foot path to get to the beach. Sand dunes and dune grass are fragile and are critical to the preservation of this beautiful beach. Please avoid walking on dunes and dune grass. Wheeled or motorized vehicles are strictly prohibited on the beach.


Sand Bar

A natural sand bar has been forming in front of the house over the past twenty years. At low tide, you may be able to wade into the water for a distance.


Horseshoe Crabs

The Delaware Bay is one of the most important homes of the Horseshoe Crab, an endangered species thought to be 200-400 million years old. They are harmless, do not bite and oblivious to your presence. Their tail is a spike, but they do not use it as a weapon. As long as you avoid stepping on the tail, it won't hurt you. If you see one on its back, feel free to gently flip it over.


Sting Rays

You may occasionally see fins peaking through water. If the fins are parallel and move in cadence, they probably belong to sting rays.



These graceful creatures are easily recognized by their light gray bodies that arch out of the water in breathing cycles. They travel in groups and may appear within 100 yards of shore.


Marine Carcasses on Shore

Occasionally, marine animals ranging from whales to loggerhead turtles to dolphins have expired and washed ashore. If you see a carcass, please call the Marine Education, Research and Rehabilitation Institute at 302-228-5029. They will investigate and dispose of it.


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Contact Information


Address: 2024 S. Bayshore Drive, Milton DE
Email: debayhouse@gmail.com

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